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Welcome to Mykel Media. Here at Mykel Media "We Make Your Media Vision a Reality".  We create Websites, Give you a Social Media Boost,  Create any type of Video or Video Promo for your company or church. We love to help you out. Our prices are affordable.

Give us a call and we will help you as soon as possible.

Welcome to

Mykel Media

" We Make Your Media Vision A Reality"

Web Design. Boost Social Media. Create Videos.Digital Posters




Mykel Armstead founded this company back in 2013.  Mykel Armstead mission is to help you achieve your goal using todays technology. For years now he has help so many companies and churches reach the full media potential and he is so happy to have helped them out a lot.  He would love and can't wait to work with you in the near future. Contact Mykel Armstead today

Special Updates / Sales


New Year, New Prices.

Watch Our new Mykel Media 2019 Update Video. You can watch it on Youtube or on our Facebook page.

New Clients get $5.00 off any service except Website set up fee. Please download and show coupon if you want to use it.  


If you would like to donate to Mykel Media I would so appreciate it. God has giving me a talent at doing media and I need your help. Please if you feel led to donate to Mykel Media.

A List of People I’ve Worked With


King George Church Of God

KGCOG had a specific vision in mind when we started working together. They wanted a more modern look to there church Website. They wanted it to be welcoming. We helped boost there social media and also create some videos for there church. I'm glad that they were pleased with the outcome.

Shiloh Baptist Church Bowling Green 

We was so excited to work with this church. There church has a lot of great history behind it. We gave Shiloh a nice new look. I was glad that they liked what came out the process for there church website. I also help them with giving them a social media boost and that helped the grow. 

Bubble Shooters & Novelties

It was a privilege helping out this toy company. We helped them by putting them on the main social media platforms. We also gave them a social media boost to help the customers see what this company is doing.  We also made a promo video to let the customers know about this company.  

Mount Hope Academy

We made a great promo video for this Academy. We went to the schools location to film the video personally.  This video will help get more students to there school. I'm so honored that we got to work with the students and the staff to help him grow.


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